Lavazza kalendar za 2011. godinu

march april

Nakon Pirellija dolazi nam još jedan kalendar koji se čeka sa nestrpljenjem. Ovaj Lavazzin je uvijek prepun mode, ljepote i talijskog šarma.

Ove godine je fotograf Mark Seliger imao zadatak snimiti romantične prizore sa plejadom modela kao što su Bill Gentle, Monica Castillo, Enrique Palacios, Noot Seear, Cedric Bihr, Liliana Dominguez, Alessandro Giallocosta, Violet Budd, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Ivan Olita.

You can’t control your heart. Anyone who has been to Italy even just once knows this. Italy is the country where you fall in love. Thousands of films, books and songs celebrate this fact: an emotion always ready to flower. Maybe it is the beauty of the landscapes, the gentle climate, the charm of the architecture which naturally bring to mind the most noble of sentiments. Obviously, the fact is that in Italy passions are purer. Reason and prejudice are abandoned, the senses are captured, wooing is in the air so you can enjoy real everyday pleasures: a kiss from your lover and a sip of coffee. So here is the Lavazza 2011 calendar, an ironic and surreal, passionate and light hearted photographic journey. Experience the journey by reading between the lines, just like a romance.


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